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Welcome From the Co-Chief Residents

Nicole Leonard, MD

The University of Utah Pathology Residency Program has furthered my career in ways I did not anticipate or could even imagine before residency. This inclusive and exciting program provides residents with well-balanced anatomic and clinical pathology programs that are focused on local, regional and national patient-centered healthcare. Our AP division is located on the third floor of the Huntsman Cancer Institute building which is nestled into the foothills of the Wasatch Range and boasts amazing views of the Salt Lake Valley all the way to the Great Salt Lake. Here we see a diverse set of over 30,000 in house surgical pathology cases and have opportunities to be involved in consult surgical pathology cases from around the United States. Just across the University of Utah campus is our CP site within the expansive and futuristic buildings of ARUP Laboratories, a large national reference laboratory. Training here allows us to interact with experts in a variety of fields with a culture of education that translates to in depth, patient-centered, and hands on laboratory training.

Not only is the training outstanding, but the experiences you will have in Utah are beyond compare. Utah continues to grow in population, leading to an ever-changing landscape of amazing restaurants, bars, local craft breweries, coffee shops and entertainment. I love to spend my weekends biking or hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, but Salt Lake City offers options for all interests. The recent COVID pandemic has highlighted the adaptability and comradery of our residents as well as the resident education, wellness, and career development aspects of our program. I look forward to meeting you, sharing more about our program, and discussing your future in pathology!

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Eric A. Goold

Tori Seasor, MD

The University of Utah pathology residency program has fostered an excellent environment for our education and growth as trainees. Extensive and unique experiences are available in both anatomic and clinical pathology. For example, through the ARUP Laboratories Pathologist on Call service, residents help interpret and troubleshoot laboratory results for client providers throughout the nation. We also have access to the most up-to-date molecular studies for correlation with histopathology. Opportunities at the University of Utah are abundant! The faculty are personally and academically interested in helping residents succeed and meet their goals, and the residents have a special comradery and are very supportive of one another. One of my favorite things about our program is how well the residents, faculty, and support staff collaborate day to day.

When it comes to the great outdoors, Utah and the surrounding states have so much to offer. I enjoy hiking with co-residents on the nearby trails in the summer, and I’ve picked up snowshoeing in the winter. A three-day weekend is often an excuse to head to a national park for car camping – Zion, Arches, and Grand Teton are just a few hours away. Although it seems like everyone is itching to leave the city to head to the mountains, Salt Lake City has plenty of attractions. The residents have a wide range of interests, and the activities in Salt Lake City are diverse: everything from outdoor concert series and festivals to the tabernacle choir at Christmas. We are thrilled to show you everything Utah has to offer!

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Nicole S. Stivers